Animated Short Film


On December 17th I graduated from the Classical Animation program at the Vancouver Film School in Canada with my first animated short movie called: “Alledoags”. Check out my progress and my film at


Vancouver Film School

I am studied Classical Animation at the Vancoucer Film School in Vancouver, Canada, in 2021. Working both digitally in ToonBoom Harmony and with paper animation. 

Graduation work 2019

Thou Told Me

Thou Told Me is a mixed media artwork installation, with which I graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague.


Pick Your Role Models

In connection to my work ‘Thou Told Me’ and ‘Pussy Politics’ on the topic of the importance of role models, I created 50+ postcards from my illustration and called them ‘Pick You Role Model’-postcards. I sold them online, made commission and they were sold in three different shops in NL.


Dream Out Loud

BKB | Het Campagnebureau is based in Amsterdam and creates campaigns for social dilemma’s. I worked for BKB for 3 years and they asked me to design a teaser and the design for their event on the 2nd of November 2021. Which is a collaboration between BKB and Pick Your Role Models.

Mixed Media

Royal Academy of Arts

During the 4 years of studying Interactive Media Design in the Hague, The Netherlands - I focused on social interventions and tried to find ways to incorperate my fascination in politics in my work. I created political events or campaigns, discoverd my love for animation and wrote my own songs.

BKB | Het Campagnebureau

BKB | De Courant

For the 20st birthday of BKB I worked together with Maarten van Heems (partner BKB) and Studio Wesseling (designed the corporate identity for BKB) to create a real newspaper with articles about BKB campaigns and their Birthday event called: “Uitdagers van de Macht”.

Commission work

Cover Illustration

I design the cover for the Masters thesis for Melissa Vink.

Commision work

Book Design

Bo Menning is the singer from the band AESTRID. He wrote a poetry bundle and asked me to work together to create a personal edition with all his texts combined.

BKB | Het Campagnebureau


In the 3 years that I worked for BKB, I worked on the beautiful campaign for the National Veterans Day in The Netherlands.

Illustrations and Design

The Village Coffee and Music

The Village Coffee and Music is a small specialty coffee roastery in Utrecht. It’s a beautiful, local place in the centre of Utrecht, where music, coffee and art comes together. The owners are punkers with a good attitude towards the planet and the enviornment.

I help them out on a regular base. Making designs for their menu, filming and editing aftermovies of Festivals and illustrating wrapping paper.