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 2023 Commission illustration pages for TrickFilm

2023 Commission Illustration

Introduction video for a German youtube channel about culture
Commission Illustration

Responsible for animation for a collaboration project with class 111 of VFS and Zac Harding (Direction and Character Design)

Pain Canada
Adobe AfterEffects

Witte Anjer Prijs Boek Design Nederlandse Veteranendag 2022

BKB | Het Campagnebureau is based in Amsterdam and creates campaigns for social dilemma’s. I designed a teaser and the design for their event. A collaboration between BKB and Pick Your Role Models.

© Moze Maaike Mertens 2023
© Moze Mertens 2023


Menu for The
Village Coffee and Music

© The Village Coffee and Music 2023

© Bo Menning 2020

Graphic design for cover and book design of poetry and short stories in a 124 page book

Illustrations for Dutch Veterans Day 2018  
© BKB | Campagnebureau 2021

For the 20st birthday of BKB I worked together with Maarten van Heems (partner BKB) and Studio Wesseling (designed the corporate identity for BKB) to create a real newspaper with articles about BKB campaigns and their Birthday event called: “Uitdagers van de Macht”.
Cover design for a thesis.

Animation, concept development,
social campaigns, graphic design, illustrations.
I love to work together - feel free to contact me at

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Commisioned work ︎︎︎

Independent work:

Moze Mertens



Classical animated short film - 2021

In December 2021 I graduated Classical Animation program at the Vancouver Film School in Canada with my first animated short called: “Alledoags”.

For the concept art and film developtment of ‘Alledoags’ please visit:

© Moze Mertens - Film poster ‘Alledoags’ 2022

Other projects:
‘Thou Told Me’ - Project
‘Pussy Politics’ - Thesis

More work:

Commisioned work ︎︎︎