Animated Short Film


‘Alledoags’ is a word from a dialect from the north of the Netherlands, Groningen. It is Gronings dialect for ‘ordinary’ like a routine but not in a negative way. It’s a lonesome word. ‘Alledoags’ is about dealing with trauma’s. How trauma’s and PTSD will stay with you throughout your life, how you learn to cope with these experiences and learn from it. But it is also about accepting that these trauma’s can still trigger you no matter your age or how many years have past. 

For the Classical Animation program at the Vancouver Film School. We work on and create or own animated short to graduate with. I came up with my own story, art direction, music and of course all the animation. For a year we worked in ToonBoom Harmony with all our animationa and for my final film I animated half of my story/scenes on paper and the rest digitally with ToonBoom Harmony. 

Background explorations



Character Line Up

Animation test

July 2021

Manta Ray

Procreate and Toonboom Harmony

August 2021
After creating the Character Line Up - I started experimenting with the Manta Ray character in a different way. Instead of being focus on the designs being aesthetically pleasing, now I was looking for the feeling of it. What is the feeling I am trying to communicate within this character.

Manta Ray

Paper animation test

August 2021
The first paper animation test with the flying manta ray cycle. 


August 2021

Bench design

August 2021

Moze Maaike Mertens 2021 - Vancouver, Canada
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