Dream Out Loud

Visual identity - Event - BKB | Het Campagnebureau.

August 2021

For this event, I created the concept for the design used for the teaser and the decorations in Paradiso, Amsterdam during the event. It was a collaboration/combination of BKB and ‘Pick Your Role Models’ - for those who want to speak up. 

Stand up, speak up. It was an evening about  ancestors - for us to make the right choices for the future. 🌳

In honour of Erik van Bruggen, creator of BKB, who past away in 2020. 

Sedrig Verwoert
Habtamu de Hoop
Jerry Afriyie
Nynke Leverman
Yulya Tsimafiejeva
Mohamedou Ould Slahi
Hang Youth

November 2nd 2021 Paradiso, Amsterdam