Moze Maaike Mertens

Artist and freelancer

Moze Maaike Mertens
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Commissioned work:

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The Village Menu

Graphic Design
oktober 2023

Paradiso, Amsterdam
BKB | Campagnebureau - asked me to design and create artwork for their yearly event which is located in Paradiso Amsterdam. There was lot of freedom for me to create the art direction and the artwork itself. In total there were 8 posters and a animated teaser. 

DTP voor AESTRID album release

Vormgeving en illustraties:
Joost Stokhof
september, 2023

Animation &
life action footage

BKB, Ministry of Social Affairs
in The Netherlands

BKB asked me to animate on top of life action footage for which I joined the art direction team. I animated frame by frame hand drawn animation in Toonboom Harmony. There were 3 shorts in total used for the Ministery of Social Affairs in NLD and divered between 3min and 7 minutes in total.

 2023 Commission illustration pages for TrickFilm

2023 Commission Illustration

Introduction video for a German youtube channel about culture
Commission Illustration

Responsible for animation for a collaboration project with class 111 of VFS and Zac Harding (Direction and Character Design)

Pain Canada
Adobe AfterEffects

Witte Anjer Prijs Boek Design Nederlandse Veteranendag 2022

BKB | Het Campagnebureau is based in Amsterdam and creates campaigns for social dilemma’s. I designed a teaser and the design for their event. A collaboration between BKB and Pick Your Role Models.

© Moze Maaike Mertens 2023
© Moze Mertens 2023


Menu for The
Village Coffee and Music

© The Village Coffee and Music 2023

© Bo Menning 2020

Graphic design for cover and book design of poetry and short stories in a 124 page book

Illustrations for Dutch Veterans Day 2018  
© BKB | Campagnebureau 2021

For the 20st birthday of BKB I worked together with Maarten van Heems (partner BKB) and Studio Wesseling (designed the corporate identity for BKB) to create a real newspaper with articles about BKB campaigns and their Birthday event called: “Uitdagers van de Macht”.
Cover design for a thesis.

Animation, concept development,
social campaigns, graphic design, illustrations.
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