Independent work ︎︎︎

Commissioned work:

Moze Mertens
Based in Vancouver, Canada

Illustration: Adam Rogers // Animation: Moze Mertens

09–07–2022       (00)
Animated logo for Pain Canada - Adobe AfterEffects.

13–06–2022       (00)
Book design for National Veterans Comite of the Netherlands - through BKB | Het Campagne bureau.

02–11–2021       (00)
BKB | Het Campagnebureau is based in Amsterdam and creates campaigns for social dilemma’s. I designed a teaser and the design for their event. A collaboration between BKB and Pick Your Role Models.

28–03–2021       (00)
The Village Coffee and Music is a coffee bar and roastery in Utrecht, The Netherlands. I got to design their 11th aniversary poster in collaboration with Lennaert Meijboom for concept development.

02–11–2021       (024)

Menu cart in Diner Style for The Village Coffee and Music.

07–24–02024        (025)

Graphic design for cover and book design of poetry and short stories in a 124 page book. 

07–24–02024        (026)
Illustrations for Dutch Veterans Day 2018

07–24–02024        (027)
For the 20st birthday of BKB I worked together with Maarten van Heems (partner BKB) and Studio Wesseling (designed the corporate identity for BKB) to create a real newspaper with articles about BKB campaigns and their Birthday event called: “Uitdagers van de Macht”.

07–24–02024        (028)
Cover design for a thesis. 

Animation, concept development, social campaigns, graphic design, illustrations. I love to collaborate, help out and work together so please feel free to contact me at 

Other work ︎︎︎

Commisioned work ︎︎︎

Independent work:

Moze Mertens  


watch my film and detailed process at

In December 2021 I graduated Classical Animation program at the Vancouver Film School in Canada with my first animated short called: “Alledoags”.

For the concept art and film developtment of ‘Alledoags’ please visit:

‘Alledoags’ is a word from a dialect from the north of the Netherlands, Groningen. It is dialect for ‘ordinary’ like a routine but not in a negative way. It’s a lonesome word. 

Commisioned work ︎︎︎